Healthcare Executives

STOCKART solutions ensure healthcare quality, increase in patient satisfaction and elevation in employee satisfaction, traceable and reportable process analysis, long term planning capabilities and cost saving without affecting the healthcare quality of your institution. STOCKART solutions allow efficient use of resources by shortening the duration of return on investment.


Increase in Patient Safety

STOCKART solutions make prevention of medication errors, maximization of patient safety and enhancement of healthcare quality possible by optimizing clinical processes.


Workforce Optimization

They ensure optimum use of human resources and save in employee time by automating the processes managed with manual procedures.


Process Traceability and Analysis

They make all processes traceable on employee, patient or product basis from the moment of entry of medication and medical supplies into your institution until their use for the patients, and thus provide data suitable for analysis.


Return on Investment

STOCKART solutions ensure return on investment within 12 to 24 months and pave the way for efficient use of resources.


Integration and Multi-Facility Management

STOCKART solutions run integrated with the current information systems of the institutions. Stock movements and billing information are sent to relevant information systems through integration. Also, they allow institutions being located in different locations and having common management principles such as Group Hospitals to be managed as a whole.


Long Term Planning

With archiving and detailed reporting functions; they allow institutions to plan procurement processes such as purchasing, bid preparation etc., workforce use, growth forecasts and resource management.


Cost Saving and Efficient Use of Resources

They make tracing and management of direct, indirect and hidden costs in medication and medical supplies consumption of institutions possible. They convey billing and stock information to the relevant application/applications in real-time, through the integration with hospital information systems (HIS).