IT Professionals

STOCKART products support the policies in effect within the institution; ensure information security and traceability. They become an essential part of information technology department in the areas of technical support and consultancy by running integrated with other information systems currently being used by the institution.


Information Security

Data is easily accessed with minimum time and effort due to professional applications allowing the information technology department to monitor all transactions. They run in secure manner incompliance with the on-going security and continuity principles of the information systems. They incorporate records and provide reports concerning the processes required to be monitored, controlled, and if necessary, edited in advance levels and in compliance with the policy procedures of the institution.



The system presents the data produced by STOCKART products to users by converting it into integrated and meaningful data. STOCKART solutions provide opportunities to the users in the areas of process analysis, process improvement and performance assessment and provide information to develop strategies through the functions within the system. Required processes can be traced and controlled with KPI data defined in compliance with the quality criteria of the institution. Sharing of information with users can be defined by means of special authorization. Access of users to information is recorded together with dates. Information falling outside the scale determined with the alarm levels defined in compliance with the performance criteria of your institution is automatically conveyed to relevant officers.



STOCKART products ensure other information systems actively used within the institution (HIS, ERP, etc.) to be operated as a single system. Information flow between all systems transferred from the source to target system, where information is required. Communication traffic can be managed in real-time. All kinds of adaptations can be made on the transacted information packages through professional applications. Relevant users and administrators are automatically informed in certain defined cases (stock unavailability, required amount cannot be met, etc.) due to special alarms. Traffic of information packages between integrated systems can be monitored historically in a manner to be understood by non-technical personnel due to user-friendly interface.


System Maintenance and Technical Wards

Maintenance of STOCKART products are carried out meticulously in specified periods, in compliance with the criteria defined in the policy procedures of the institution. Situations demanding maintenance and repair with respect to products can be monitored and controlled by the information technology department automatically. Also in situations requiring intervention of technical service (repair or consultancy), accesses to our specialist teams are recorded through a professional application. Service quality measurements are made by means of assessment of the completed activities by the institution.