Nursing Unit Professionals

STOCKART solutions reduce nursing workload, increase healthcare quality and improve patient safety by helping the reduction of medication errors. They ensure the availability of medication and medical supplies as well as access on the ward at all times.



They reduce the time spent on documentation, eliminate manual billing and ensure consistent inventory thanks to pharmacy, billing and ADT (Admission-Discharge-Transfer) system integration with HIS.


Error Reduction with Double Check

They ensure physician’s order being validated by the pharmacist to make double sure before the administration of the medication. Nurse can see the order approved by the pharmacist and takes them from the station on behalf of the patient.


Adaptation for Verbal Orders

Medication lists specific to each ward or nurse with authority details can be defined for the medications to be used on the basis of verbal order of the physician. In this way, medications can be taken, under follow up, from the station on behalf of patient for emergency cases that cannot wait for the physician to create electronic order, and the physician order to be created can be matched with these authority details.


Instantaneous and Immediate Access to All Medication

All medication can be made available on the ward due to high-level verification. System sends information to the pharmacy for the medication at or below minimum level.


BIO ID Authentication

Only authorized personnel with BIO ID authentication can access medication available on the ward, and each access is recorded.


Narcotic Medication and Cold Chain

For medication requiring high security such as narcotic agents; access to a selected single type of medication is allowed only for a single dose in the presence of a witness. Continuity of cold chain is ensured with continuous temperature/humidity monitoring, and if required, with warnings to the users.


Shortening of First Dose Administration Time

They ensure patient medications and medical supplies are available on the ward at all times. Medication administration of the patient can be started with the applied initial dose. They shorten the first dose administration time.


Patient Safety

Warning systems warn the users against potential errors and users become aware of medication administration directives before accessing the medication. In this way, they help to reduce the possibility of adverse drug events (ADE), medication errors and improve patient safety.


Stock Accuracy and Billing

All products removed are dropped from the inventory when nurse takes the medication and supplies and logs out of the system, and only the amount being taken for the patient is charged to the patient. When the products are returned to the system, they are taken back into the inventory in the same manner and are deducted from the billing record of the patient. In this way, stock follow-up, expenditures and revenues are brought under control.


Reduction in Nursing Workload

They eliminate the workload of the nurses concerning the management of ward stocks. They eliminate inventory counting at the end of shift, ensure narcotic medication control and query all the inconsistencies that might occur on the system with respect to medication management.


Flexible Configuration

System is configured as customized for each ward on the basis of number of beds, medication consumption patterns, medication management workflow and number of nurses in the ward.


Adaptation to CV Orders

System instantaneously adapts itself to CV orders throughout the day. Nurses will always have a view of the most up-to-date medications’ on the screen.


Reporting and Analysis

All kinds of medication activity on the system are recorded, and the authorized users can turn these records into reports and analysis.


Too Early, Too Late or Too Close

In the case of medication being administered to patient too early, too late or too close to the planned time or in the case of medication intakes not being included in the order of the physician, system warns the nurse. System converts the patient medication record into electronic format and feeds “medication administration record (MAR)”.