Pharmacy Professionals

STOCKART solutions ensure full traceability of medications for pharmacists starting with their transfer from pharmacy to the wards until their administration to patients, optimize pharmacy medication management processes, reduce workload, improve patient safety and strengthen the clinical role of the pharmacist. They allow pharmacy professionals to make long-term plans for purchasing and clinical processes.


Reduction in Workload

STOCKART medication management modules reduce the time spent for documentation, removes manual transactions, and creates an effective and secure medication management processes, thanks to the integration with the hospital information system (HIS). They also minimize dispensing volume of pharmacies by eliminating the order-based daily medication transfer to wards.


Enhancement in Clinical Role of Pharmacist

Through the HIS integration, pharmacist can examine the physician’s order as a once more before the administration of the medication. In this way, the clinical role of the pharmacist is strengthened and potential medication errors can be prevented before the administration of medication to patient.


Patient Safety

System supports users with warnings and improves patient safety in order to reduce the possibility of Adverse Drug Events (ADE).


Medication Safety and Security of Ward Stocks

Only an authorized nurse with a BIO ID authentication will have access to the medication available on the ward. All medications used are removed from the inventory as soon as the nurse accesses them and logs out of the system; in the same way, if the medication is returned to the system, it is once more added to the inventory. In this way, inventory management is made electronic.


Enhanced Security for Narcotics and Cold Chain Medicines

Secure access is ensured with different modes for the management of medication of different types and importance. For medication requiring high security levels such as narcotic agents; access to a selected single type of medication is allowed only for a single dose in the presence of a witness. Also, the continuity of cold chain is ensured with continuous temperature/humidity monitoring, and if required, warning the pharmacy.


Returned Medication

System instantaneously adapts itself to CV orders throughout the day. In this way, the issue of medication being sent to the wards daily due to CV orders but not being returned, which has a world average of 30% is eliminated.


Electronic Inventory Management

System automatically sends information to the pharmacy for the medication at or below the minimum level or approaching their expiry date. It minimizes the out of stock incidences and the losses resulting from expiry out-dated medication. It calculates the lead-time and provides information while monitoring the depletion date and the interval of restocking of medication.


Archive and Reporting

All kinds of medication activities on the system are recorded. These reports are accessible by pharmacists at any time and provide source for analysis.