STOCKART solutions improve healthcare quality and enhance patient safety by assisting the minimization of medication errors.


Shortening of Patient First Dose Administration Time

They ensure medicines and medical supplies to be accessible in the ward at all times. First dose of the medication administration of the patient can be started immediately with physician order confirmation. The time for the first dose administration is shortened.


Error Reductions with Double Check

Pharmacists may check out physician’s orders to make double sure before the administration of medication, with the order coming through the hospital information system (HIS) link.


Additional Measures for Patient Safety

Nurses are informed about medication administration guidelines before accessing the requested medication, and by these means the probability of adverse drug events (ADE) are reduced.


CV Orders

System instantaneously adapts itself to CV orders throughout the day. Thus, the issue of unavailable medicine in the ward due to CV order is removed.


Immediate Access to All Medicines in the Ward

Thanks to the high degree of control; all medications, including narcotics, antibiotics and cold chain medicine scan be made available in the ward; and when required, these medications can be accessed immediately.


Electronic Medication and Patient Records

All kinds of medication activities in the system are recorded. In the case of medication being administered to a patient too early, too late, too close to the planned hour or in the case of medication intake not being included in the order of the physician, the system warns the nurse and requests a written statement. System feeds “medication administration record (MAR)” by converting the medication records into electronic format.


Clinic Data Collection Opportunity

With the Clinical Data Messenger (CDM) capability, clinical data input may be requested during the administration of medications on the patients, their return or disposal stages. By using this optional feature, data can be obtained within the hospital for clinical studies.


Patient-Focused Use of Nurse Time

System allows the total of nursing time to be used for patient care by transferring the medication management duties of the nurse such as medication storage, dispensing and stock tracking to pharmacy; and in this way it allows institution to improve the healthcare quality.