Quality System Professionals

STOCKART solutions support the compliances of the institution with national and international healthcare quality directives. They improve patient safety and healthcare quality by minimizing medication errors. They make medication and medical supplies processes traceable and facilitate reporting for quality analysis. When required, our specialized consultants assume active duty within your quality department in the area of the STOCKART product family.



They eliminate manual transactions and minimize error probability that might be experienced in human-driven processes thanks to integration of HIS, pharmacy information system (PIS), billing and ADT (Admission-Discharge-Transfer) system.


Clinical Role of Pharmacist

It is ensured that orders are validated by pharmacist as a double-check authority before the administration of medication by means of order incoming over HIS link. In this way the clinical role of the pharmacist is strengthened and potential errors can be prevented before they reach the patient.


Patient Safety

Nurses are informed on medication administration guidelines before reaching ordered medication, and in this way, they help reduce the risk of adverse drug events (ADE). In case of too early administration of a medication to a patient or too late than the planned time or in the case of interval between two doses being too close or in the case of medication intakes not being included in the order of the physician; the system warns the nurse and requests a written statement. In this way, all kinds of medication activity on the system are recorded in order to assist quality controls.


Narcotics and Cold Chain Medication Safety

For medicine requiring high security such as narcotic agents; access to a selected single type of medication is allowed only for a single dose in the presence of a witness. Also, the continuity of cold chain is verified with continuous temperature/humidity monitoring, and if required, with warnings to the pharmacy. Relevant records can easily be assessed in terms of their compliance with quality criteria.


Process Traceability and Analysis

They make all the processes of medication and medical supplies traceable on the basis of employee, patient or product from the time of their receipt by the institution until their use for the patient; and in this way, ensure supply of data appropriate for quality analysis. Moreover, interpretation of data has been made possible through user-friendly interfaces without any need for technical expertise.


Compliance with Directives

STOCKART systems improve and support compliance with the directives concerning healthcare quality and patient safety.