Warehouse Professionals

STOCKART solutions ensure full traceability of the products for main warehouse, medication and medical supplies warehouses, starting from receipt of the products in the warehouses to their transfer to wards and their use for the patients. They optimize medication and medical supplies management processes, reduce the workload of the employee and reduce the direct and indirect costs of the institution. They allow long term planning of purchasing and product use processes.


Traceability and Stock Consistency

The system works in real-time through the integration of HIS with ERP, billing and ADT (Admission-Discharge-Transfer) system. This feature reduces the time spent on documentation, eliminates the manual billing process and ensures stock consistency. All products removed are dropped from the inventory when the user takes the medication and logs out of the system and these are charged to the patient’s account. In a same manner, when the products are returned to the system, these products are returned to inventory and are deducted from the billing record of the patient. In this way, both the stock follow-up and revenue are brought under control.


Product Security

Medication and supplies are brought under high-level control as products available on the ward can only be accessed by authorized personnel with BIO ID authentication.


Lot and Serial Number Tracking

System allows authorized personnel to structure the products available in the ward stations in a manner to be managed with Lot and Serial Number.


Expiry Date Monitoring

The system allows products to be monitored electronically by expiry date and reduces waste arising from expiry date reasons.


Operating Room Supply Management

The system allows case-specific, patient independent kits to be prepared in operating rooms and ensures reduction in costs. Stock availability of the prepared kits is managed independently as a whole. In this way, it ensures the availability of the kits required at a minimum level.


Optimum Stock Level

The system automatically sends information to the main warehouse for the products at and below the minimum level. It allows users to manage inventory by maintaining optimum stock levels.


Adaptation for Special Medical Supplies

The system also allows monitoring and inclusion of consignment, re-use and bill-only materials in electronic processes.


Analysis and Long Term Planning

The system analyses the medication/supply use operations of the institutions and allows them to do purchase planning through its comprehensive information and reporting features. Also, many reports containing measureable criteria can be obtained from the system for the hospital personnel performance assessment.