Smart Healthcare Technologies

Automated Medication and Supply Management System

STOCKART® is a process management solution, equipped with advanced technologies, oriented towards patient safety and cost control, starting with the delivery of medication and medical supplies to your hospital and ending with their use for patients.

Would you like to reduce your costs while improving patient and medication use safety?

STOCKART® modules allow real-time tracking of medication and supplies from hospital warehouses to pharmacies, wards and patient bedsides.

Advantages of the STOCKART® System

Improves processes with its integrated approach

Almost all medication and medical supplies, which are one of the highest cost items of hospitals, are monitored with high security including IV liquids, medical supplies, narcotic agents, and cold chain medicines.

STOCKART® modules are designed in a manner to meet all the requirements of hospitals and can be customized according to the needs of your institution.

Saving Calculator

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