Mobile Medication Management
for the Operating Room

The workflow of narcotic medications in operating rooms is different from that of standard medication management. AnesthesiaSMART®
helps to standardize the medication management. With AnesthesiaSMART®, patient-oriented care in the operating room becomes safer and simpler and at the same time, the system increases both medication safety and anaesthesia workflow efficiency.

AnesthesiaSMART® is fully mobile and designed to support urgent access to medicines required within the nature of the operating room. Mobility with the flexibility of helps positioning of the system in the hallways and usage in all operating rooms.

Controlled access to the medication encourages compliance with legal requirements. The system automatically captures all information on medication retrieval, return, waste and charge, therefore eliminates manual tasks. All AnesthesiaSMART® stations are integrated with one other therefore all activities can be accessed from all stations.

AnesthesiaSMART® has single or double height Matrix Drawers, double height Sliding Drawer  and easy access drawers configuration.

The AnesthesiaSMART® Virtual Drawer function helps the user to track all the correspondence of the performed transaction with the pocket and therefore prevents medication errors. This function is both time saving and patient safety.

System Features

  • Issue to user mechanism and end-of-the-day reconciliation function
  • Reporting, discrepancy tracking and documentation
  • Integration to Anesthesia Information System
  • Access to National Medication Database if available
  • Pre-defined operation-specific anchor time for anaesthesiologist
  • Integration to intelligent labelling systems
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • Uninterrupted Power up to 2 hours
  • Secure access with BioID Fingerprint Reading Technology
  • CodePass Easy Barcode Reader
  • SMARTSlip Integrated Thermal Printer
  • Internal and External Return Bins

Technical Specifications

  • 17-inch Touch Screen
  • BioID Fingerprint Reader
  • Proxy Card Reader
  • Immersible Keyboard
  • Return Bin
  • IV Pole
  • Intelligent Labelling Systems
  • Tilting Counter Top Bins for frequently used materials
  • External illumination for medication preparation area