Did you know that the anesthesia medication workflow in operating rooms is very different from the standard medication management workflow?

For the standard workflow, the anesthesiologist must first process the medication to be taken from the system to the patient’s account. In the workflow with AnesthesiaSMART®, the anesthesiologist skips this stage, and issues the medication he/she needs to his/her own account and after the intensity of the day decreases, he/she processes the medications as much as he/she uses into the accounts of their patients and returns unused items to the system. Thus, in surgeries requiring urgent intervention, the anesthesiologist primarily allocates all of his precious time from the system to the patient and increases valuable clinical time.

AnesthesiaSMART® is a mobile medication and supply management system that helps standardize medication and supply management, makes patient-oriented care in operating rooms safer and simpler, coincidentally the system increases both medication and supply safety and anesthesia workflow efficiency.

The anesthesiologist can configure the drawers and doors of the mobile AnesthesiaSMART® system according to their needs in the product order stage, and make changes in existing configurations after active use. In addition, the system can be configured into mix and match drawers and doors.

AnesthesiaSMART® is a mobile product that can store both medications and supplies, the anesthesiologist can easily change the location of the mobile system in the operating room, thus arranging the operating room equipment into practical accordance with the needs of the operation being performed.

With the ‘Easy Accessible Drawer’ feature of the system, the anesthesiologist can instantly access all the items he/she needs by logging into the system.

The most important feature that distinguishes AnesthesiaSMART® from its competitors is that it has been awarded both with CE certificates and RoHS declaration of conformity due to the successful completion of  tests performed by local accredited organizations of experts in their fields.

Here is one more reason to choose STOCKART® in your institution to facilitate the work of your anesthesiologists, reduce their workload and increase clinical time with AnesthesiaSMART®!

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