Sliding Drawer

Sliding Locked Cover

Sliding Drawer technology of the medication management platforms removes the necessity for different drawer designs. Due to this technology, should the needs of your institution change within time, the drawers are easily configured according to your revised needs. The interior sections of the sliding drawers are easily configured in line with the variety and volume required.

Sliding Drawer allows access to medication at different security levels with its diversified mode options.

Multi Mode:
Featuring access to the medication section requested only within the Sliding Drawer. Used for medication requiring medium level security. When the Sliding Drawer is opened on order basis, only the section of the relevant medication can be accessed. It is possible to keep more than one dosage of the relevant medication in this section.

Uniq Mode:
Featuring access to the medication section requested only of the ordered medication in required amount within Sliding Drawer. It allows access to a single unit dose in the presence of a witness (double BIO ID authentication) for medication requiring highest level of security such as narcotic agents.

Matrix Drawer

Upon opening of the Matrix Drawer access is available to all of the medication sections. The drawer offers quick access therefore the drawer is appropriate for low security and frequently used medication. The interior sections of the Matrix drawers are easily configured in line with the variety and volume required.

Consequently should the needs of your institution change within time the drawers are easily adapted according to your revised needs.

SMARTMatrix Drawer

Upon opening of the SMARTMatrix Drawer access is available to all of the medication sections. The drawer offers quick access therefore the drawer is appropriate for low security and frequently used medication. The interior sections of the SMARTMatrix Drawers are easily configured in line with the variety and volume required. Once the configuration has been completed the SCANBAR recognizes the set sections electronically and feeds them into the system.

The LightedPath, an illuminated directive system, directs and warns the user lowering the probability of mistakes during accessing the required medication.


Cold Chain Management

CoolSMART® is an integral part of MedSMART® solutions, which enables the management of cold chain medication safely. With CoolSMART®, the continuity of the cold chain for the medication in the services is monitored online by the pharmacy with continuous temperature and humidity monitoring. When the refrigerator temperature deviates from the reference values, CoolSMART® sends a warning to the pharmacy and records all temperature changes in accordance with the reporting.

A Secure Cold Chain Management with MedNest®:

MedNest® is a product that can be used to replace external fridge lock attached to ADC’s, for hospitals that prefer higher controlled access based on cold chain medications. The MedNest® Smart Drawer Unit is placed in the refrigerators used in hospitals. The probe enables the temperature of coolers to be monitored and sends warnings for out-of-limit values. In small warehouse areas where it is not feasible in terms of return on investment to establish an automated med dispensing cabinet, MedNest® enables cold chain medications to be managed with high security by connecting over the SMARTWard® open system.  The system provides a scalable investment opportunity for cold chain medications.

External Lock

The External Lock ensures that the appropriate furniture and cabinets are locked and stored in a STOCKART® system, connected to a base station, by maintaining medications and supplies in the hospital.

SMART Camera

Integrated Smart Camera

SMART Camera is an optional component that can work in integration with STOCKART® Med and Supply Management Cabinets.

The camera is automatically activated in actions that involve the opening of doors/drawers at the stations and the recording stops when the door/drawer closes again. The camera also keeps records to determine the source of manual intervention of the Sliding Drawer.

A time stamp is created on the system to match the video record with the open/close transaction. If more than one door/drawer is opened at the same time the camera will record each of the door/drawer open/close transaction separately.

Time interval the camera record files will be kept can be defined system, facility or station basis. The camera records that have exceeded the period assigned to the station can be achieved.

The camera records can be accessed through the SMARTCenter central application. All the records specified below can be accessed thanks to the SMART Camera;

  • All of the camera records from the very first inventory record of the item until a discrepancy occurs
  • All door/drawer open/close actions for a certain item
  • All other open/close actions for a certain door/drawer that the item is in
  • Manual intervention records

With the SMART Camera,

  • Inventory consistency and product security can be developed
  • Sources of discrepancy can be determined with the highest accuracy
  • Human error can be detected and solutions for improvement can be developed
  • Deterrence against abuse can be established


Remote Medication and Supply Reservation with Web Based Central Application

NurseConnect® reduces the nursing management workload within the hospital, improves patient care quality and improves patient safety by helping to reduce medication errors.

Reduces time-consuming waiting and interruptions of the nursing workflow. With NurseConnect®, which maximizes patient care, nurses can reserve medications and medical supplies for their patients remotely for a station that it determines. Nurses can access the record of his/her patient with the web application and therefore shorten the time spent at the station. Multiple patient preparations are also possible. Another time-saving feature of the system is, that nurses can plan for both medication and medical supply needs simultaneously.

The system instantly adapts to changes or cancellations in medication orders during the day. Therefore, the real time and updated treatment plan is displayed on the nurse screen. Medications required for each individual treatment are planned and organized in-line with dosage times. Time spent at the station is reduced to a minimum. Herewith queues at stations are eliminated and medication administration time optimized.

NurseConnect® improves nursing and pharmacy communication. Via the web application system the pharmacist is able to post warning notes that need to be taken into consideration during the application of medications and places necessary safety questions. In this way, the nurse is able to take into account the warning notes made by the pharmacist. In a busy institution WITHOUT NurseConnect®, the nurse may have to spend long periods of time in front of the station to read warnings and answer security questions resulting in long waiting lines for all. With this process all can also be done via any computer connected to the network with NurseConnect®, so the nurse needs only to go to the station to pick up the medication and medical supplies that they have reserved via the NurseConnect® web application. As a result, NurseConnect®‘s contribution to time saving within this process stands out again.

NurseConnect® automatically sends a proactive warning to the pharmacy for low inventory stock that may occur due to current medication and supply reservations made by individual nurses. Thus, it becomes easier for pharmacists to make medication loading plans and pharmacy technicians to make medications loading plans.

Another reason to choose STOCKART® for your institution; avoid station queues and increase clinical time for nurses!  Choose NurseConnect®!


Bio ID Authentication System

FingerPass allows easy and secure access to the platform with BIO ID authentication by means of advanced BIO ID scanner.

Touch the screen of the platform and place your finger into the scanner and the platform is at the ready.

When you forget to log off from the platform, your user screen turns off automatically within the period defined by your institution. In this way, user security is maintained and all transactions on the platform can be documented on user basis.


Integrated Slip Printer

SMARTSlip prepares smart slip for the purpose of documentation of the process such as patient medications, user transactions, inventory transactions performed on the platform.

SMARTSlip provides convenience to users for short-term documentation.


Integrated Unit Dose Label Printer

Optional SMARTLabel technology for unit doses taken from the platform on behalf of patient.

SMARTLabel, as integrated with MedSMART®, prints a label containing barcode for each unit dose being taken. Labels contain Patient name, Patient, Medication Name, Medication Dose, Administration Time information and this information is coded onto the barcode on the label.

All stages of the medication can be recorded, including the verification of the application of medication, by integrating SMARTLabel with SMARTTrack.


Integrated Barcode Scanner

The medication and supply management platform provides you with an integrated CodePass barcode scanner which verifies all individual barcodes during any activity of medication and supply inventory. With CodePass the correct medication and supplies are loaded into the correct segment, which increases patient safety.

CodePass supports 2D and 3D barcodes. The coded expiry date, Lot Number and all other information of the barcode area scanned and automatically fed into the system.


Illuminated Guidance

LightedPath guides user with illuminated direction signs on the door/drawer/pocket, where physical medication or supply activity is to be performed, due to functions that can be activated on all stations within STOCKART® product family.

LightedPath prevents user errors as well as optimizing the service time.

Nurse Tray

Integrated Nursing Bench

Nurse Tray is an ergonomic and functional nursing bench providing ease of use during the stage of taking the medication and supplies from the platform and preparing them for the patient.

Opens for the purpose of preparing the medication and supplies for the patient; slides and closes when the activity is completed.

Return Bins

Return Bins, works integrated with all stations within the STOCKART® product family, it is used during handing over the returned medication or supplies, when they require not to be returned to the location of where they have been stocked previously, but have pharmacy checked first. Only authorized users have access to open the Return Bins. By these means, the pharmacist can check the returned medication first, approve and then put them into re-use.

External Return Bin: The unit is positioned outside the station with a lock.

Internal Return Bin: The unit is positioned within a drawer in the station as a locked bin.


Temperature and Humidity Tracking

ClimateTrack is optional temperature and humidity tracking to ensure product and patient safety for medication and supply management platforms.

When the temperature and humidity levels of the platform show deviation from reference values, it guides the user with visual warnings on the platform.

It provides instantaneous information transfer to pharmacy and supply warehouse with regard to temperature and humidity changes on the platform. It also saves follow up results in reportable format.

Offering opportunity for retrospective archiving and reporting.

Clinical Data Messenger

Clinical Data Messenger (CDM) ensures clinical data collection during activities performed by users on STOCKART® products.

It requests clinical data from the users through multiple choice, single option and free entry methods during patient related activities (Take, Return, Waste, etc.). Clinical categories can be mandatory or optional being defined before access in a manner that complies with the policy of the institution.

Information recorded by the CDM can also be tracked by authorized users.

Information collected by CDM system can also be transferred to SMARTDashboard application arbitrarily and in compliance with the policy of the institution.

High Control High Capacity

High Control High Capacity (HCHC) feature with enhanced security allows high cost supplies to be accessed only by authorized users. It has a larger capacity for positioning unlimited types of supplies.

HCHC is ideal for the products requiring high-level security with a low stock turnover.

Rx Track

Pharmacist Check System

MedSMART® stations ensure tight control of any stock movement, by creating controlled lists for authorized pharmacist/pharmacists on any medication activity of any predetermined medication being handled by any user.

When required, Rx Track prevents any stock removal by locking the pocket/drawer, on any stock removal that has not been approved by assigned authorized users.


Multi Language Toggle

SMARTLingual is a user-friendly software that provides access to the multi-language options of STOCKART®  Medication and Supply Management Systems.

There are different language options in SMARTLingual, as well as country variations in accordance with language usage per country. As an example; for French the usage of language is adapted individually for France, as well as Canada and Morocco within the system.

With SMARTLingual, it is entirely up to the user to choose one of the languages installed on the station. Moreover, you can change your preferences at any time. The application is easy to log into, select any one of the language options, confirm with a click and start using. Through this feature, multiple users can manage the same station in different languages. When you access the system with your user information, SMARTLingual displays your last choice by storing it in its memory.

All languages can be easily updated in the SMARTLingual interface for all adaptations from the simplest to the most advanced feature addition made on STOCKART®  stations.

Another feature that puts STOCKART®  a step ahead of its competitors is that SMARTLingual software provides unlimited language options, unlike the limited language options offered by its competitors.

The SMARTLingual feature, is yet another reason to choose STOCKART®  as it provides guaranteed satisfaction to each individual user.

Intelligent User Management System

It allows users to be registered as main informant and can be managed on all applications within the STOCKART® product family, in accordance with the security rules of the institution.

It has the ability to run integrated with the Active Directory configured from the institution; and therefore can classify users according to their roles.

Intelligent Multi-Facility Management

Intelligent Multi-Facility Management is designed for group hospitals or hospitals that are located in different locations; it allows STOCKART® products located within more than one hospital to be managed on a single backbone.

In structures comprised of more than one hospital possessing different medication databank, different hospital information system (HIS), different purchasing, different distribution systems, etc.; it allows management of STOCKART® products within the framework of secure and standardized rules in compliance with the policies of the institution, while preventing loss of time and effort.

Information with variations can also be customized in the hospitals managed on the same backbone with Intelligent Multi-Facility Management.