A New Era in Medication Management for Hacettepe University Hospitals!

In Hacettepe University Hospitals where Automated Medication Management Systems have been used for more than 10 years, STOCKART systems will provide services in operating rooms, ICU, delivery rooms and services with a total of 64 medication stations.

TriaTech Medical Systems Ind. And Com. Inc., the owner as well as the R&D Center for the STOCKART brand, has been investing in medication and medical supply management solutions for many years. They have created employment opportunities in Turkey as well as added value to their country with projects developed for healthcare establishments.

STOCKART has consistently been improving its technology to satisfy the ever-growing demands and requirements of healthcare processes.

STOCKART is a high-tech patient safety and cost efficiency management solution. It focuses on the complete process, that starts from the entry of medication and supplies to the establishment all the way to their usage on the patients. STOCKART modules allow real-time tracking and management of medication and supplies in hospital depots, pharmacies, services and the patients’ bedsides. The modules are designed to fulfil every hospital’s ultimate need and are fully customizable to suit each individual need.

STOCKART improves the process with its integrated approach. Almost every high-value line item; including Serums, Medical Supplies, Narcotic Agents and Cold Chain Medications can be tracked and managed with high security,.

The Board of Directors Chairwoman and Business Development Director of TriaTech Medical Systems Ind. And Com. Inc., Mrs. Bahar Sunman stated; “Our primary objective as a company has been to provide added value for our country and increase our share in the international market by improving our presence through our years of experience which have been strengthened through our R&D operations. We believe that this project with Hacettepe University Hospitals is an important reference for our brand, in our journey to realise our objectives. That is why we are proud to renew the medication management systems of Hacettepe University Hospitals, one of the establishments that made a difference in Turkey by taking the first steps in patient security, with our local and national brand STOCKART. This operation we are conducting with Hacettepe University Hospitals is definite proof of the strong presence we have gained in the medication management market”

About Triatech

TriaTech Medical Systems Ind. And Com. Inc. is formed in 2015. The company is focused on the optimization of medication and supply management processes. STOCKART solutions is the first product family developed based on years of experience TriaTech has cultivated. The head office is based in Istanbul while the production facility is located in İzmir.

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