Medipol Healthcare Group has chosen STOCKART for its new Medication and Supply Management System

Medipol Health Group, which has been using medication and supply management systems for many years has now switched to STOCKART in its Bağcılar Medipol Mega University Hospital and Bahçelievler Private Nisa Hospital.

Medipol Health Group decided to upgrade its existing medication and supply management systems with the STOCKART Medication and Supply Management Systems produced with the highest technology.

STOCKART Medication and Supply Management System stations, each of which are monitored with the SMARTCamera system, provides a maximum level of medication and supply safety, are now located in both Bağcılar Medipol Mega University Hospital and Private Nisa Bahçelievler Hospital.

With the Management Module, a total of 44 Main Stations and 204 Medication and Supply Towers will serve to dispense throughout the hospitals.

Included with the STOCKART system are; the SMARTWard Ward Warehouse Medication/Supply Management Module with the DualSMART Medication and Supply Management System, the MedSMART Medication Management System, the AnesthesiaSMART Patient-Oriented Mobile Medication Management for Operating Rooms and  the MedNest Smart Drawer Unit providing high security management with cold chain.

TriaTech Medical Systems the owner of STOCKART including its R&D Center, has been investing in Turkey, offering employment and providing medication and supply management solutions for health care facilities both in Turkey and abroad for many years now.

Bahar SUNMAN, Chairwoman of the Board and Business Development Director of TriaTech Medical Systems says “It is almost impossible to operate medication and supply management manually, due to the high activity and digital requirements in today’s hospitals. With manual systems, staff that manage medication/supply and apply it to the patients have a lot to do with system management which requires  more time than actual clinical time. In addition, due to wrong medicating and supplies management, huge problems occur in both patient safety and financial aspects. The STOCKART Medication and Supply Management System improves the quality of care, provides patient safety, and also maximizes medication and supplies cost management and income control of the hospital. We believe that Medipol Health Group will improve their quality of health care even further with the usage of STOCKART, to manage medication and supply in their institutions.

Our brand STOCKART of which we are very proud has had great success worldwide with its installations and distributorship agreements amongst important players of the industry. With the latest addition of Medipol Health Group to our portfolio, besides our many successful installations in various health facilities in Turkey, we have now achieved our target and have a very strong position in our country.

About Triatech

TriaTech Medical Systems is formed in 2015. The company is focused on the optimization of medication and supply management processes. STOCKART solutions is the first product family developed based on years of experience TriaTech has cultivated. The head office is based in Istanbul while the production facility is located in İzmir.


STOCKART is a process management solution, equipped with advanced technologies, oriented towards patient safety and cost control, starting with the delivery of medication and medical supplies to your hospital and ending with their use for patients.

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