Did you know that you can eliminate wrongful access to medication with one single drawer?

The Sliding Drawer technology of the medication management platform removes the necessity for different drawer designs. Due to this technology, if the needs of your institution change within time, the drawers can easily be configured according to your new needs. The interior sections of the sliding drawers are easily configured in line with the variety and volume required. This drawer is an option for both the MedSMART® and DualSMART® systems, and any station can be configured accordingly.

The Sliding Drawer supports two different modes to configure your institution’s needs and security levels. Each drawer on the station can be configured to mix and match as Multi and/or Uniq mode according to your needs.

Multi Mode: Features access to the medication section requested only within the Sliding Drawer. It is used for medication requiring medium level security. When the Sliding Drawer is opened for an order, only the section of the relevant medication can be accessed. It is possible to keep more than one dosage of the relevant medication in this section.

Uniq Mode: Featuring access to the medication section requested only for ordered medication in required amount within Sliding Drawer. It allows access to a single unit dose in the presence of a witness (double BIO ID authentication) for medication requiring highest level of security such as narcotic agents.

Sliding Drawer records manual intervention thanks to its ability to work with user login via the BioID fingerprint scanner. This way, the person accessing the drawer wrongfully is easily identified. This feature can be further improved by the SMARTCamera option of STOCKART® systems. In the event of such manual intervention the system detects the attempted abuse, the drawer automatically locks itself, preventing access to the medication and logs the user out.

Another reason to choose STOCKART® for your institution; to prevent medications access abuse while saving on costs!  Choose the patented Sliding Drawer option!