STOCKART won the last race of Turkish Rally Championship 2016, Hitit Rally!

The Hitit Rally, the last race of the Turkish Rally Championship Ankara organized by the Automobile Sports Club with the contributions of the Çorum Municipality, took place in Çorum on October 28-29, 2016.

In the race that 36 vehicles and 72 athletes started but only 31 vehicles and 62 athletes finished, the fastest among the 6 historic rally automobiles that were over 35 years, was Burak Türkkan-Onur Aslan with a Ford Escort MK2 racing for Parkur Historic and second place was won by Engin Kap-Başar Yavuz with a Ford Escort MK2  racing for Bonus Unifree Parkur Racing. Third place in this division was won by the Yılmaz Köprücü-Özcan Opçin team, with an Opel Kadett D. In Category 1 the Gerçek Sunman-Bahar Sunman team won with a Murat 131 racing for STOCKART and Simeks.


STOCKART receives the 2016 Design Turkey Industrial Design Award!

The 5th annual ‘Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards’, winners received their awards during the ceremony at the Lütfi Kırdar International Conference and Exhibit Palace during ‘Design Week Turkey’. Opening speeches were made by Mehmet Büyükekşi, chairman of the Exporters of Turkey Assembly, Ziya Altunyaldız of Ak Parti Konya, parliament Member and Nihat Zeybekçi, the minister of Economy.

A total of 350 industrial designs were submitted to the Design Turkey Design Awards, out of those submitted; 7 were awarded Superior Design, 36 awarded Good Design and 7 were awarded with Concept Design Awards. The “Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards” includes 13 categories consisting of packaging, lighting, electronic products, home appliances, home and office necessities and accessories, public and commercial products, furniture, sports, hobbies, games and personal products, transportation and transport vehicles, building tools, investment products and medical devices and tools.

The STOCKART Automatic Medication and Supply Management Systems MedSMART/DualSMART/SupplySMART product, submitted to the medical devices and tools category, won the 2016 Design Turkey Industrial Design Award. All winners received their awards from Nihat Zeybek, the Minister of Economy. Designer Ayçal Çağrı Özen who contributed greatly to the industrial design of STOCKART accepted the award on his and the behalf of the brand owner, Simeks Tıbbi Sistemler San. & Tic. A.Ş. as well as the producing company, TriaTech Tıbbi Sistemler San. & Tic. A.Ş.

All of the products that made it through the eliminations and into the finals of Design Turkey 2016 will be available to view until Sunday, October the 23rd at the Lütfi Kırdar International Conference and Exhibit Palace. 

About Design Turkey

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards is a design evaluation scheme made up with the collaboration of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and the Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey (ETMK), within the framework of TURQUALITY® program. The intention behind the scheme is to award good designs that take into consideration the needs of the user, offer added value and competitive advantages to international and national markets. A total of 1500 applicants took part in 2016. For more information please visit;

About STOCKART Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies Management Systems Design

STOCKART is an Automated Medication and Supply Management System, which provides increased patient safety and reduced costs to users and patients. It is made up of a variety of modules offering different functions that can be combined for a variety of services. DualSMART, MedSMART and SupplySMART products may be designed into four different yet equivalent modules, which have the ability to undertake different missions. This modular approach starting with the logo, has been the source of inspiration for all modules and therefore the design idea behind the entire system. Constructively each of the modules consists of metal internal parts, anthracite color vacuum ABS front surface, white color injection ABS frame and the connections between these. The main element that makes the design stand out is the injection frames. Different curves have been applied on the frame of each module as inspired by the logo. As a result, the products end up belonging to the same family but are distinctive in their nuances and can stand on their own due to the fact that these modules are comprised of different permutations. For more information please visit our website;

About the Designer Ayçal Çağrı Özen

Ayçal Çağrı Özen enrolled to the Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Products Design department in 1996, and completed his degree in 2003. He then moved on to work within many domestic and foreign companies as an Industrial Designer, Design Consultant and Project Manager. Working freelance as of 2012, the designer received awards for his designs from various design competitions and currently provides design & design consultation services to a number of companies. His Awards & Achievements comprise of;  • Kütayha Porcelain Dinner Set Design Competition – Award for 3rd Place • IDW Istanbul Design Week – Project Anthology Award • IMMIB Industrial Design Competitions “Industrial Kitchen Category” Honorable Mention Award • 4-time Finalist in the IMMIB Competitions • Designboom International Design Competition Selection of Furniture Designs • Jewelry Fair Best Fair Stand Design Award • Design Turkey 2016 Good Design Award





Press Release : design-turkey-award-press-release_19-10-2016_en_v1

The brand new STOCKART’s Automated Medication and Supply Management System makes its debut in Turkey at the Okan University Hospital

The “STOCKART Automated Medication and Supply Management System”, is the result of intensive R&D work backed by many years of experience by Simeks Tıbbi Sistemler A.Ş.  Domestically produced, it is being installed for the first time at the Okan University Medical Faculty Tuzla Hospital this September 2016, in Turkey. Bahar SUNMAN in charge of the operation, an Electronics and Communications Engineer as well as the Chairman of the Board at TriaTech Tıbbi Sistemler A.Ş, an affiliation of Simeks, points out that while the STOCKART products were previously installed at the Anatolian Medical Center in Affiliation with Johns  Hopkins Medicine Gebze Hospital for validation purposes and that the establishment there continues to develop, the system being installed at the Okan University is a first, as it involves an house-wide hospital installation”.

Dr Alper Dermirarslan, general manager of Okan Sağlik Grubu and Okan University Hospital, emphasized that “Okan University Hospital had been planned from day one with a global technological vision and the intention to pioneer within the health sector. The Okan University Hospital offers worldwide technology in health, starting with the basic infrastructure of the hospital”. He continues to say; “it is our goal to keep the patient’s health our main priority while making a difference in the health sector. With this approach we offer high quality health services, preventive medicine and cures while offering supreme patient safety. With this in mind we have chosen to use the Automated Medication and Medical Supplies Management systems of STOCKART in order to offer safe dosage to our patients as this system prevents errors in medication delivery and applications. As we all know one of the most life threatening situations in the world is to be hospitalized. In United States of America alone it is one of the top ten causes of deaths. We have implemented all available systems in our hospital with the intention of offering a safe environment, securing the health of our patients”.

On August the 30th, 2016, a delivery consisting of 20 sets of Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), 4 sets of Barcode Controlled Open Systems and 15 sets of the Cold Chain Management Module comprising of the STOCKART Automated Medication and Supply Management Systems was made to the new Tuzla Hospital which the Okan University will be opening. All systems are to be integrated into the hospital’s information management system (HIS).

Simeks released their statement saying that with this installation it is their goal is to create paper-free transactions for hospital medications and supplies management as well as to complete the digital hospital structure using the support of STOCKART solutions.  “Medication and Supply Management, being one of the largest cost items of a hospital, has been a priority for many years” said Bahar SUNMAN. She adds; “advancing technology has moved Medication and Supply management onto electronic platforms. Automated Medication and Supply Management Systems are technologies that manage all of the transactions starting from the entry of Medication and Supply into the hospital, to administering them to patients.

When the industrial Internet entered our lives it became crucial for advanced technologies used in Medication and Supply management, to be integrated within the information management systems used in hospitals. As a result the information produced within the system becomes accessible to all authorized personnel. By analyzing the large scale of data available, institutions gain the power to make improvements rapidly in their processes giving them an advantage that was not accessible before. Technological Automatic Medication and Supply Management Systems provide hospitals with huge opportunities to improve patient safety, reduce medication errors, increase personnel satisfaction and reduce hospital’s costs.

About Simeks

Established in 1998, Simeks Tıbbi Sistemler San. ve Tic. A.S.’s field of operations spreads over a wide range from imaging to operating rooms and intensive care, from hospital infrastructure to medication and supply management systems that ensure patient safety. The company also has significant international achievements, in terms of Medication Management Systems and Pneumatic Tube System installations; such as being the largest in Europe, Asia and Africa and having the greatest diversity of products in the world and the largest application of its kind in Europe. The company has its headquarters in Istanbul and is also active in Ankara and Izmir, Turkey.

For more information please visit the website;

About Triatech

Triatech Tıbbi Sistemler San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was established in 2015 as a subsidiary in line with Simeks’ growth and globalization strategies. The company focuses on optimizing Medication and Supply management. STOCKART solutions are the first family of products to be produced by TriaTech based on Simeks’ long years of experience in the field. The production facility is located in Izmir.

For more information please visit the website;

Press release : 20.09.2016

Okan University Press Release 20.09.2016

Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak!


HIMSS’16 Turkey

Please visit out booth to discover STOCKART products and solutions at HIMSS’16 TURKEY

HIMSS'16 Türkiye

HIMSS’16 Türkiye

EAHP’16 – European Association Hospital Pharmacists Congress

We will be European Association Hospital Pharmacists Congress between 16-18 March,2016 in Vienna. Please visit us at our booth  to discover our STOCKART Medication and Medical Supply Management Systems products and solutions.




Thank you for visiting us at this year Arab Health’16

We would like to thank all our customers, visitors and other interested persons for fascinating conversations and trust. We look forward to welcoming you again future fairs.

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STOCKART at Arab Health’16 Dubai

We will be Arab Health’16 between 23-28 January 2016 in Dubai. Please visit us at our booth to discover STOCKART Medication and Supply Management Systems products and solutions.

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