Did you know that you can choose between a multiple of language options that can be customized for each separate user on each individual station?

SMARTLingual is a user-friendly software that provides access to the multi-language options of STOCKART® Medication and Supply Management Systems.

There are different language options in SMARTLingual, as well as country variations in accordance with language usage per country. As an example; for French the usage of language is adapted individually for France, as well as Canada and Morocco within the system.

With SMARTLingual, it is entirely up to the user to choose one of the languages installed on the station. Moreover, you can change your preferences at any time. The application is easy to log into, select any one of the language options, confirm with a click and start using. Through this feature, multiple users can manage the same station in different languages. When you access the system with your user information, SMARTLingual displays your last choice by storing it in its memory.

All languages can be easily updated in the SMARTLingual interface for all adaptations from the simplest to the most advanced feature addition made on STOCKART stations.

Another feature that puts STOCKART® a step ahead of its competitors is that SMARTLingual software provides unlimited language options, unlike the limited language options offered by its competitors.

The SMARTLingual feature, is yet another reason to choose STOCKART® as it provides guaranteed satisfaction to each individual user.